Whether or not you own a single CD, the information in this database can help you find the best version of a song you're looking for or the best gift to give someone (else) who collects CDs.

The CD Database is a lot to take in at first glance. If questions like "What is it?" and "Why should I care about it?" spring to mind or your eyes glaze over, the Database FAQ may break the ice. If you'd rather play than read, try out the tools at the top and then click Search. On the top line, DB Help explains how to use the tools and Details decodes the data about each CD.

Each listing is packed with information (explained fully in the FAQ). Once you get a feel for it, the Database becomes a way to answer all sorts of questions about CDs and aggregations of them. Each Search produces a new list following the rules you've specified by your settings. You can keep fine-tuning your query until you produce just the list you're looking for. DB Help includes three examples for practice.

Here is the place to discuss anything about using the database or about the results of using it (questions, problems, suggestions, other comments). What do you like or dislike about using it? What pleases or displeases you about what you found in it?