This topic is for stories, lists, and discussions about live performances you've experienced at parties, clubs, concerts, festivals, etc.

For me, the epiphany was my first Bruce Springsteen concert on April 15, 1976, at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, PA. As much as I'd loved The Wild, The Innocent..., and especially Born to Run, Springsteen & The E Street Band blew me away in concert. He seemed to encapsulate the entire past history of rock and soul music. It may be a cliché now, 35 years later, but experiencing Bruce live was a transformative moment for me. I went from being a fan to beach wedding dressesbelieving in Bruce.

Not only did I feel ecstatic, but in those three hours Bruce vaulted to the top tier in my then-implicit Pantheon of artists. Once I'd seen him in concert his recordings became imbued with all those impressions and feelings. The records would never sound the same again. And, of course, something of the same effect happened to most other fans who attended his concerts.

No doubt, the experience of live music is different from listening to recordings. Here is the place to share your experiences of memorable Live Performances, how they may have affected your appreciation of the artist(s), the relative impact of the music, chemical enhancements, and the general vibe, or anything else that struck you. You might also post lists of Live Performances on the Artist Lists page.