I was left with more negative than positive feelings after watching the 2012 Grammys.

The highlights for me were Bruce at the beginning and Paul et al. at the end. Springsteen & The E Street Band seemed rejuvenated and on their game. It got me looking forward to his new album and tour. And it was simply great to watch McCartney do the end of the Abbey Road medley, culminating with the other gunslingers on the stage, including Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl, and Bruce Springsteen. Paul's guitar playing is rarely featured. The ending guitar battle from this song is imprinted in everyone's musical DNA. Bruce seemed to be having the time of his life.

The only other performances I'd like to see again were Adele and Taylor Swift. Adele is refreshingly honest, sings her ass off, and "Rolling in the Deep" stands the test of time. Taylor Swift has greatly improved her game, especially with "Mean," which was written about Bob Lefsetz's scathing critique of her singing on the Grammys two years ago. Knowing that Ms. Swift is just about the smartest business person in the game today increases her appeal to me.

I was just plain depressed by both the Beach Boys and the Glen Campbell bits: sad, even pathetic reminders of what they used to be. There are very few folks who look and sound that old who should sing essentially youthful pop for big audiences. The blues, yes, by all means. But Mike Love and Brian Wilson could hardly sing anymore and just plain looked foolish to me, and Glen Campbell might have pulled off "Gentle on My Mind," or even "Wichita Lineman," but "Rhinestone Cowboy" was an awful choice.

And as much as I like to keep up with pop music, and I find Rihanna great to look at, and I think Bruno is a decent Jackie Wilson imitator, the whole tenor of extravaganza overwhelming the music gets tiring. Plus, I can't get into Foo Fighters at all. Or Coldplay. If they are what rock is about today, well, give me Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, R.E.M., and Wilco instead. And Nicki Minaj set her career back with her unfathomable performance.

Clarence Clemons and Etta James are great losses to the music community; Whitney Houston never appealed to me at all. Even at her best. It was truly a shame that they bumped a planned tribute to Clarence to make room for Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney. Enough already!