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posted by: catfish
10/26/11 11:08 pm
will add others as I remember them (or other Cats suggest)
Clyde McPhatter
Otis Redding
Sam Cooke
Roy Orbison

It occurs to me that a small group of woman also make me swoon from their emotional excitement

Patsy Cline
Aretha Franklin
Tina Turner
Gladys Knight
Ronnie Spector
shinything says:
06/30/12 3:53 am
nina simone
catfish says:
11/07/11 4:24 pm
Looking back, I think I asked the wrong question when I asked Cats to add to my list. Instead I should have urged others to offer their own list. So now I'm really curious, if you love Bruce, who else would you rank with him? If Van Morrison is your guy, who else would hang with him?
Magic Rat says:
11/06/11 1:29 am
Barefoot Girl says: "Please add Van Morrison" to your list."
barbara ann 1945 says:
11/04/11 12:44 am
Glad to see Ronnie on this list. I was driving around today listening to my Phil Spector Wall of Sound CD and decided that no one...but no one... can say "C'mon Baby" like Ronnie. At the end of "The Best Part of Breakin' Up" she says (well, sings) it over and one has the pathos in her voice that she does/did.
catfish says:
11/03/11 2:03 am
RaveOn said: Bruce Springsteen
Your suggesting Bruce reminds me how we are all turned on by different things. I'm a big Bruce fan but the voices that really get to my gut tend to come from the early guys who were singing (directly to me, of course) of romantic love and pining.

I'm planning to post some videos as soon as I figure out how (apparently you can't just copy in the url)--and right now will add some gals who also turn me on.
RaveOn says:
11/02/11 11:51 pm
Bruce Springsteen - although some might consider his voice an acquired taste.