This article and its corresponding playlist are devoted to discussing which songs should be added to the Timeline. The FAQ explains launch time song selections as well as my intent to add more songs from all eras over time.

Gator naturally favors certain styles over others, and these preferences are evident in the initial Timeline. I expect my obvious oversights to be amended by eagle-eyed Cats and more debatable opinions to be bounced around here in discussions.

The Timeline will be updated every year in late January or early February, as soon as the previous year can be effectively "wrapped up." In addition, I'll make periodic updates as time and circumstances permit.

Cats have several options to make the case for their own favorite songs. On the Playlists page you can propose specific songs in comments to my Timeline Omissions list, or by creating your own list (or both). Posting your own list has the benefit of starting your own discussion thread. Comments to this article about specific songs are also welcome, as are broader comments on the updating process. Comments on other Timeline issues should be made here.

As Cats' Timeline lists and comments accumulate over time, Gator will create aggregated and/or consensus lists as needed to focus further discussion.