Each year when I update the Timeline I also update eight Timeline Summaries. These are among my favorite lists on the Rock 'n Soul Alley site. If you've never checked them out, why not now?

Summaries rank the top Artists and Songwriters of the 2359 Timeline songs. Would you venture a guess before you peek at them? Including his two new 2012 songs, Jack White is now the #20 artist of all-time, with 14 Timeline tracks (including groups of his) so far. Neil Young's two new 2012 songs moved him into a three-way tie for #8 among songwriters.

Summaries also include lists of all the TImeline songs that were (a) cover records or duplicate titles, (b) both sides of the same two-sided single, and (c) longer than 7 minutes or shorter than 2 minutes in running time. Who do you think had the most A/B singles (like Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel)? Can you guess which four artists recorded three or more Timeline songs over 7 minutes long?

Please share your thoughts and reactions with other Cats.