This blog topic is limited to conversations about Gator's Pantheon and its two immediate offshoots. All other artist lists on the Alley -- including Cats' own versions of the Pantheon -- are created, viewed, and discussed on the Artist Lists page.

Nothing on this site seems to stir up controversy quite like the Pantheon. It takes the messy, incoherent wildness of rock & soul music and imposes a grid on it. How perverse! Maybe that's why it provokes conversations like nothing else I've ever done. I love it for that.

Check out FAQ Pantheon for detailed information about the criteria, the time periods, the tiers, and the reasoning behind what are obviously judgment calls. 

Comment here to say why you agree or disagee with the approach -- or the results -- of Gator's version. 

To make your own Pantheon list, you can start by making a copy of one of the six time period templates under Artist Lists. Then make it your own! Or you can start from scratch with a blank template.

As Cats' Pantheon lists and comments accumulate over time, Gator will create aggregated and/or consensus lists as needed to focus further discussion.