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About the site
: The ultimate purpose of this website is to celebrate the endurance and vitality of rock and soul music. As host, I've seeded the Alley with conversation-starting articles and lists, but it's up to all of you to scope out the scene, express your thoughts, and make connections with each other. Join in and enjoy! (For tips on getting started try the Home Page or FAQs.)

About the name: In the mid-1950s, the expression "Rock & Roll" was appropriated from street vernacular to promote music with sexual and rhythmic energy to the mainstream (white) youth market. Although the music itself was a stylistic mongrel, in racially divided America the cultural essence of Rock & Roll was its African-American core. And that core remained its cultural essence over the three decades or so that this music dominated the American pop music scene. To be sure, not all rock & roll derives directly from African-American musical roots. But in my view it is unimaginable without them. I chose the name Rock 'n Soul Alley instead of Rock 'n Roll Alley to pay tribute to the affordable designer wedding dresses online music's African-American backbone.

About me: I've loved this music for over half a century. The website is a labor of that love. We can't help but express love through our personal idiosyncracies. The emphasis here on lists and conversations is because that's a lot of how I make sense of the world. The emphasis on music listening and collecting is because I figured these would be the two activities we'd all have most in common. The emphasis on music history and sound quality is because I have the most passion for these topics. Beyond these specifics, I've been trying for years to understand how the end of the rock & soul era reflected underlying changes in society and technology. I hope fellow travelers find this site and choose to contribute their ideas about these issues and others that matter as much to them.

About you: I count on you to make sure the site reflects your views. There are plenty of opportunities to expand the range and focus of what's here at launch time. The easy part is to join in with your own profile, lists and comments. That's one way to fill in the gaps in what I bring to the table and to share conversational leadership. Another way is for replica watches you to be an author of blog items or Bits & Pieces articles, where I'd play the role of editor. As time passes, I hope the site will evolve in accord with the interests and passions of a diverse community of rock and soul music lovers to our mutual benefit.