Each year from early December through mid-January, music journalists post lists of their favorite songs and albums of the year. These lists provide me an opportunity to catch up with the best music I've missed during the preceding 12 months.

This time of year is when I decide which songs to add to the Timeline. In recent years I've added 34 new songs and roughly 20 older songs per year. The new songs aim to capture the year's musical highlights, while the older songs attempt to fill in gaps and rectify oversights.

Here's what the Timeline looks like for 2011. Artists with multiple new entrants this year were Adele, Tom Waits, Wilco, Lady Gaga, and tUnE-yArDs. Including older songs, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Bobby Bland, and Bob Marley also gained multiple new titles this year. To see which artists have the most songs on the Timeline - as well as the top songwriters and several other kinds of breakdowns - follow the links on the Timeline Summaries page.

Cats are encouraged to chime in with their own Timeline suggestions. Enter an artist's name in the Timeline Search to see which songs are already included. Then make your opinions known by commenting on the Timeline Omissions and Updates article or the Timeline Omissions Scratchpad list. For background and details, see FAQ Timeline.