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posted by: cornercat
09/29/11 3:49 pm
I think JW should be included in any discussion of all time great rockers. All "take no prisoners" attitude, from the first note to the last.
He did many versions of these songs that were good, but the classic renditions I'm listing are on the albums given in parentheses. Turn it Up!

Click on song titles to hear the tracks. Did I say turn it up?!

1. Dallas – (Johnny Winter ) acoustic roots delta blues, …

2. Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo – (Johnny Winter And) By far the best version of this tune as far as I'm concerned. A bit slower, more raw and rockin' than the later Derringer hit. Derringer (of Hang on Sloopy fame) was in the band and is playing rhythm guitar on this.

3. Jumpin Jack Flash – (Johnny Winter and Live) He finds the heart of this song.

4. Highway 61– (Second Winter) My all time favorite version of this song as well.

PS I'd be happy to provide YouTube links if that would be appropriate here.
Tags: blues | soul | rock