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posted by: jere1911
11/15/11 8:01 am
The guitar is "king" in rock and great rock solos provide some of the really memorable moments in rock history. Here are a few of my favorites. More to come. Help me build the list.
Jimi Hendrix--All Along the Watchtower

Eric Clapton--Crossroads

Jimmy Page--Stairway to Heaven

Eddie Van Halen--Beat It

Lindsay Buckingham--Go Your Own Way

Joe Walsh, Don Felder--Hotel California

Mark Knopfler--Sultans of Swing

Chuck Berry--Johnny B. Goode

Eric Clapton--While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Jimi Hendrix--Voodoo Child

George Harrison--Ticket to Ride (the perfect "short" solo)

Tags: rock | guitar | solos