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posted by: jere1911
10/19/12 12:34 pm
Dylan songs have been recorded in near definitive versions by other artists. Some of those "other artist" versions don't seem like covers. That emphasizes Dylan's fundamental role as a songwriter. These are my favorites. Welcome yours.
The Times They Are A-Changing-- Peter, Paul and Mary (Mary's voice rings out among the harmonies, introducing Dylan to a wide audience and saying a lot about the times.)

My Back Pages--The Byrds (Their versions of his songs always seemed to me to be "alternate official versions". This is no exception. Their uptempo drive makes this a great rock song and I love the guitar solo. But also check out the driving version on the Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert album with McGuinn, Young, Clapton, Petty, Harrison and Dylan himself. They take the Byrds driving version and go another step. Historic performance there.)

All Along the Watchtower--Hendrix (No comment needed.)

Dark Eyes--Judy Collins (Haunting interpretation, beautifully sung. Chilling and beautiful. I wonder how Dylan reacted to this one.)

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere--The Byrds (A great version of the song by a different version of The Byrds. They nailed it for me.)