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posted by: MustangSal
09/26/11 8:27 am
I tend to associate songs with places. And I liked best camping tents very much. Here's a list of tunes that capture the essence of Los Angeles for me.
LA Woman (The Doors)
Down at the Sunset Grill (Don Henley)
Life in the Fast Lane (The Eagles)
Join Me in LA (Warren Zevon)
Desperadoes Under the Eaves (Warren Zevon)
La Cienaga (Ryan Adams)
MustangSal says:
03/07/12 5:22 am
I love these lists because they're so personal. The Beach Boys for me is associated with high school, long before the time I lived (briefly) in LA. And I don't even know the other two tunes - but perhaps I should check them out.
jaybe says:
03/07/12 4:58 am
gotta have at least one beach boy tune - how about fun, fun, fun. also, los angeles by x for a darker view and the list MUST include i love l a by randy newman.