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posted by: barbara ann 1945
11/16/11 10:55 pm
A short list of songs that really give me the feeling that I'm at a party...there's a certain energy and excitement that says "Come On In"...know what I mean? Got any to add?
Come Go With Me...the Dell-Vikings
Quarter to Three...Gary U.S.Bonds
Barbara Ann...the Beach Boys version
Hips Don't Lie...Shakira
catfish says:
11/18/11 4:22 pm
How about:

Party Doll -- Buddy Knox
Sea Cruise -- Frankie Ford
Proud Mary -- Tina Turner

barbara ann 1945 says:
12/01/11 5:04 am
catfish said: How about: Party Doll -- Buddy Knox Sea Cruise -- Frankie Ford Proud Mary -- Tina Turner
Great additions, Catfish! Forgot all about Party Doll which is a HUGE favorite...all 3 you added have the party sound I'm talking about. Thanks....and, hey, wait: I forgot "Rock Around the Clock."
Wild Billy says:
12/01/11 5:04 pm
Only one for my money...

catfish says:
12/01/11 5:27 pm
Wild Billy's choice of Shout is terrific. Fits right in. But I think I'd pick Isley Brothers version. Probably showing my age here since I never saw Animal House. So looked up that version (which is great--almost a direct copy) and learned interesting tidbit: the band in Animal House (Otis Day and the Knights) was fictional but then went on to tour and release an album based on that scene in the movie.
Alley Gator says:
12/02/11 2:20 am
The top two party songs in a poll of my high school Class of 1963 were "Twist & Shout" (Isley Brothers) and "Do You Love Me" (Contours). Both of them were still huge favorites my freshman year in college (1963-1964). I still love them both, although the Beatles' version of "Twist & Shout" may be my favorite these days.

barbara ann 1945 says:
12/02/11 5:19 am
I'm loving all these additions. I'll never forget the impact of "Do You Love Me?" in (I think) Spring, 1963. Wild and sexy!! But then how could I not have included "Louie, Louie."?? Talk about a PARTY!
LittleSusy says:
12/31/11 6:43 pm
Great list. Here are a couple more possibilities:
Dance to the Music: Sly and the Family Stone
Wild Thing: The Trogs
tedemore says:
02/18/12 1:46 pm
"What I Like"--The Romantics
"Shotgun"--Junior Walker and the All Stars
"Could You Be Loved"--Bob Marley and the Wailers
"Gone Country"--Alan jackson
Emar says:
03/31/12 4:11 am
I'm with LittleSusy on "Dance to the Music"
and Catfish on "Proud Mary"
I'd add: "So Glad You Made It" - Spencer Davis Group
"One More Saturday Night" - Grateful Dead
"Medicated Goo" - Traffic
"Heatwave" - Martha and the Vandellas