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posted by: jere1911
12/25/11 9:30 am
A playlist of 60's rock and pop songs I love to sing along with in the car. The tracks have one thing in common--a refrain of some kind that you can sing along with whether or not you know the rest of the lyrics!
Louie, Louie
She Loves You
Good Lovin'
Fun, Fun, Fun
My Girl
Hang on Sloopy
California Dreamin'
Like a Rolling Stone
Let's Hang On
We Can Work it Out
I Can't Help Myself
Jumpin Jack Flash
With a Little Help From My Friends
Good Vibrations
Purple Haze
Somebody to Love
Light My Fire

Tags: 60's | sixties | rock
LittleSusy says:
12/31/11 7:00 pm
Wonderful list. I've taken some long drives through the desert and enjoyed most of these along the way. Here are a few more of my favorites. Technically, they're not from the 60s, but they are great driving songs:
Born to be Wild ("Get your motor running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure...")
What's Love Got to do With It? (Tina Turner)
Old Time Rock and Roll (Bob Seger)
catfish says:
01/01/12 7:30 pm
Also going beyond the 60s I'd add Born to Run. I also love to sing along with Bob Marley (Get Up, Stand Up; No Woman No Cry). And, going a bit afield, when I'm alone in the car, Hank Williams provides tunes that are easy to harmonize with. Unfortunately the louder I sing, the faster I drive so I have to watch the speedometer.