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posted by: Alley Gator
08/17/12 10:35 am
My favorite Los Lobos songs that fit on one CD. What are your favorites?
Let's Say Goodnight
Don't Worry Baby
I Got Loaded
A Matter of Time
Corrido #1
Will The Wolf Survive?
One Time One Night
Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
La Bamba
Come On, Let's Go
I Walk Alone
That Train Don't Stop Here
Mas Y Mas
This Time
Good Morning Aztlan
Two Dogs And A Bone
Free Up
Murgatroyd says:
08/20/12 4:29 pm
Set this up on Spotify so we can all give a listen.
Alley Gator says:
08/24/12 4:24 pm
Murgatroyd said: Set this up on Spotify so we can all give a listen.
Perhaps you can do this for me; I'm looking into other ways to stream music on the Alley.
Murgatroyd says:
08/24/12 5:21 pm
Amazing - only 8 of these tracks are on Spotify. The playlist is called Reconsidering...Los Lobos.