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posted by: jere1911
11/13/12 12:00 pm
Now that we've posted our favorite Dylan covers, it occurred to me that it would be fun to come up with the Dylan covers we WISH we could hear or wish had been done! Any song by any artist, living, dead, retired or otherwise!
Here are 4 that occurred to me:

U2--CHIMES OF FREEDOM. The Edge could really make us hear those "chimes," and Bono's singing would fit the "anthem" feel perfectly.

Early STONES--MAGGIE'S FARM. With sound of "It's All Over Now" behind him, Mick could nail this one.

BOB SEGER--LOVE MINUS ZERO. His gravely rock voice works so well on a tender, folk-rock song.

TOM WAITS--A SWEETHEART LIKE YOU. A little far out, I guess. But a Waits talky growl would add to the "dump like this" picture, wouldn't it?

If any of these covers exists, let me know. (And I will consider myself a good A&R guy!)

When we share these suggestions, it's great to really try to "hear" each one!
Tags: Dylan | Covers
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